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Trigger Snap Suspenders


With attachments that function like the clip on a dog leash, our trigger snap suspenders offer an easy-to-use and stylish alternative to clip or button-on attachments. Simply open them up and clip them onto the belt loops on your pants for a grip that is sure to keep your suspender straps securely in place.

If you are new to wearing different types of suspenders, you notice right away that trigger snaps have a distinctively unique look from other clip styles. Perhaps, you're wondering why they even make suspenders with this type of closure. Traditionally, many of our leather, Western and Rugged Comfort suspenders feature trigger snap attachments due to their practical functionality and secure hold. However, this type of suspender attachment is also now available with elastic straps for folks that want to combine the ease of trigger snap attachments with a more traditional suspender style.

Leather suspenders with trigger snaps are worn by cowboys, ranch hands and anyone who fancies this traditional Western look for their outfits. Our Western leather suspenders feature expert hand crafting and tooling - just like the old days - to assure you of high-quality workmanship. These look great with all types of jeans.

Trigger snap suspenders also come in casual and Big and Tall novelty styles. Choose Rugged Comfort suspenders with the trigger snap closure for work or casual days. They can be worn with work pants, jeans or slacks. If you wear Big and Tall suspenders and would like some novelty styles, suspenders with a trigger snap provide you with extra secure holding power.

For more information about trigger snap suspenders - watch our informational video below!


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