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Suspender Parts

Hard to find Suspender Buttons, Leather Strips and Suspender Accessories!


Suspenders are already pretty cool fashion accents but there may come a time when you want to make some repairs to a favorite pair, add suspender buttons to pants or find a neat tie to wear with suspenders. This is the place to find all of those things, plus a few more useful items that help you look your best.

Buttons and Button Attachments
Once you become a regular clip-on suspenders wearer, you may decide that you want to wear button suspenders after all. In order to do that properly, your pants must have buttons for the attachments. We make this task convenient by offering a variety of button options. You can choose a traditional button set and sew them into pants. Or you can choose a no-sew buttons set. We also provide leather strips in three colors. These are all suspender parts that you need when repairing a worn-out pair of button-on suspenders, made available at a convenient one-stop shop.

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