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Attach Clip Suspenders

How to Attach Clip Suspenders


If you just got your fabulous new pair of clip suspenders from the SuspenderStore and you're not quite sure how to properly attach them so that you don't look like Urkel in a 1980s throwback post, don't worry. The SuspenderStore has got you covered. Simply check out the wonderfully informative How to Attach Clip Suspenders YouTube video courtesy of the SuspenderStore. It will have you stepping out for work or play looking smart and stylish.

The tutorial, narrated by Dave from the SuspenderStore, will have you confidently attaching your rad new pair of suspenders in a matter of minutes. Dave details exactly where the front and rear straps should be placed with regular clip suspenders, trigger suspenders, side suspenders and belt clip suspenders.

While suspender application may seem like a no brainer, there really are points to remember so that your suspenders flatter your body. You also want the fit to be comfortable and you don't want to be misusing the suspenders so that they unintentionally wear out faster.

Did you know that you shouldn't attach regular clip suspenders to your belt loop? It's too thick and doing so can cause your suspenders to expire long before their time. If that's what you have in mind, Dave helpfully points out, then try a pair of trigger suspenders or belt clip suspenders.

Using Manny the Mannequin, Dave shows you exactly where to attach both the front and rear suspender straps. So, start watching and make sure you've got yours in the right spot!


Today we are going to talk about where to put suspender clips on pants. I’m sure it seems pretty obvious to most of you, but there are some things to keep in mind when attach the suspenders to the pants.

Let’s first talk about regular clip suspenders. Those are the majority of what we sell. Whether the clip is wide, like on these wide suspenders, or narrow, like on these dressier suspenders, there are a few things that you want to keep in mind.

First, the clips are machined to fit on the width of pants material. So you never want to clip them on anything thicker than normal pants material, like a belt, or a belt loop. That will wear the clips out. Just think about it, it is like stuffing too much into your mouth. Your jaw would get sore. Unfortunately we see people do this often.

The reason probably is that most people buy their first suspenders in a store. And those store bought suspenders are most likely cheap and made in China. And the hardware is inferior and the clips don’t hold well, so people fell like they need to put the clips on their belt loops top get them to hold. They think that ALL suspenders are that way.

Well, our suspenders are NOT that way. Our clips are good quality and they hold well. You can wear them with confidence.

Now having said all of that, most clips will eventually wear out. We all do at some point. So if you have a clip that has started to wear out, you can get some extra life out of it by then clipping it to a belt loop. But never do that with a good clip.

The way you can tell if a clip is good or bad is, when the clip is closed there should be no play in it. It should lock closed solidly. If there is play, if you can close it a little more, that clips will not hold well.

OK, if you do not put the clips on belts or belt loops, where do you put them? You put them on the pants material. On the front, you will usually put them just to the inside or just to the outside of a belt loop. Look in a mirror and see which side looks better on your body.

On the back, if the suspenders are X Back, you need to find where on your body the strap meets the pants without having and folds, buckling, or looping. It will vary with your dimensions.

If the suspenders are Y Back, then you would like to put the clip exactly in the middle of the top of the pants in the back. That is OK if there is no center rear belt loop. But most pants do have a belt loop right in the middle of the back of the pants. So in that case you need to put the clip just to either side of the belt loop.

So that covers the positioning of clips on regular clip suspenders. There are a couple other types of clip suspenders that we will talk briefly about.

First, there are Side Clip suspenders. We have a video all about them. Basically they only attach to your sides, one clip on each side. Truckers like these, for example. Obviously, as by the name, the clip attached on your side. But exactly where it attaches will depend on your build. Once again, see where the material lays flat on your body. And also, again, never clip the clip onto a belt loop.

Another popular type of clip attachment is a trigger snap or swivel clip. These are often found on leather and western wear, but now we are also carrying them on regular elastic suspenders. These are easy, they clip to your belt loops. Now you will notice that these are all Y Back, because most pants have a center rear belt loop.

The final type of clip we will look at is the Belt Clip. We also have a video all about these types of suspenders. Belt clip are basically plastic hooks that slide onto your belt so that you get the dual support of the belt n the suspenders. So the front clips on these, on both the 2 inch width and the 1.5 inch width suspenders, just slide onto your belt where the strap naturally falls on your body.

The rear clip is a little different. As you can see, the rear strap on all of these is 2 inches wide, on both the 2 inch wide and the 1.5 inch wide styles. And there is a notch in it. The notch is for the rear center belt loop that you find on most pants. So you just fit that over the belt loop.

So that is a quick review of where to attach some different types of clips onto your pants. We hope it was helpful.

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