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bc-attachment-composite.jpgIf you care about how your suspenders will attach to your pants - browsing our Shop By Attachment Category page is the right place to start your search for the perfect pair of suspenders!  Choose from broad categories like clip suspenders, button suspenders, trigger snap suspenders, belt clip suspenders or airport friendly suspenders and narrow your search down from there.

Clip suspenders come in several different varieties including heavy duty alligator clip suspenders with large, sturdy clips; pin clip suspenders in both large and small sizes that feature a pin that pierces the fabric for a guaranteed to never slip hold, and dressy finger clips in nickel, brass and drop clip styles.

Button suspenders are also available in several varieties including traditional leather ends - sometimes called rabbit ears or moustaches, runner ends which are a dressier fabric material and industrial ends which are thick and sturdy leather ends for heavier duty suspenders.

Aside from clip and button suspenders which are the most common suspender attachments, Suspender Store also carries a variety of other attachment styles suited to specific purposes.  Our airport friendly - BuzzNot - attachments feature plastic clips that won't set off metal detectors at airports and other security checkpoints.  They also work well for attaching to sports gear like ski pants and lightweight waterproof pants since the plastic clip has a strong grip but won't tear the fabric.  Trigger snap suspenders attach directly to belt loops on pants and are found on many Western wear suspenders and belt clip or belt loop suspenders attach directly to (or around) a belt to make wearing both a belt and suspenders a breeze.

And for those who want it all - our convertible clip/button attachments let you swap out the attachment ends so you can wear them either as a clip-on or a button-on suspender depending on your mood or whether or not your pants are equipped with buttons.

With so many attachment options, if you are new to suspenders or buying them for someone else, you might be confused as to which attachment to choose.  If so, check out our video below, or read our Suspender Attachment Style Guide for more information!  Or - give us a call at 800-393-4508!



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