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Button Suspenders


buttonsuspenders.jpgWhen suspenders were first "invented" back in the early 1800s, they were fastened to pants via buttons. Today, many different types of suspender attachments are available, but none can rival the classic and traditional look and feel of button-on suspenders.

Button suspenders come with a variety of button-end attachments. The most common is a leather strip with holes on each end - we often refer these types of button-on suspender attachments as "mustaches" since, when attached, they form the shape of a man's mustache.  Depending on the color of the suspender, these leather button attachments can be white, brown (light or dark) or black.

A second type of button attachment is a sewn fabric runner-end attachment. Since these attachments are made of fabric, when attached to the pants they form a shape like the letter "V".  This type of button attachment is typically found on dress braces or formal suspenders as it results in a more upscale look.

At the opposite end of the casual-dressy button attachment spectrum are industrial button-on attachments.  As the name suggests, these suspenders feature a heavier duty button-end attachment that provides additional sturdiness to heavier duty, work suspenders.  These types of attachments can be found on our firefighter and logger suspenders, as well as in our Rugged Comfort suspender line.

Of course, all button suspenders require the wearer to have buttons on their pants to which the attachments can be fastened. If you like the look and feel of button suspenders, do not let this fact get in the way of choosing button suspenders!  Most tailors can easily sew the buttons on for you, or watch our "How to Attach Suspender Buttons to Pants" video for step by step instructions.



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