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The Groomsman Guide: How to Wear a Pocket Square

The Groomsman Guide: How to Wear a Pocket Square

Nov 13th 2023

That discreet pocket that appears at the upper left section of a men's suit jacket is always present, awaiting pocket square possibilities. You have the option of ignoring it, and your suit looks fine without anything in that small pocket. However, if you are a groomsman trying to learn how to wear a pocket square (and maybe in a hurry), we're happy to give you some pointers. Once you learn how it's done, you may find that you really like adding this fashionable accessory to your everyday look.

What Are Pocket Square Rules?

Before we go any further, let's go over some basic pocket square rules.

  • White squares. The crisp, clean look of a white pocket square is always in style for formal occasions. A simple square fold in white is still a winner.
  • Exact matching. Modern fashion trends dictate that pocket squares should not exactly match the tie. However, it may be okay to match when a retro look is the goal.
  • Complement the tie. The pocket square should be in a color and pattern that complements the tie.
  • Avoid flashy patterns. Keep it simple. Solid colors and conservative patterns work best for weddings.

When Are Pocket Squares Not Worn?

Knowing when not to wear a pocket square is something plenty of first-time wearers wonder about. This is a good question that deserves an honest answer: the only time pocket squares are not worn is when you decide not to wear one! In other words, there are no fashion rules restricting when you should or shouldn't wear your pocket square. Feel free to wear one every time you put on a suit or suit jacket.

You should, however, be mindful of the event you're attending when it comes to styling a pocket square. When attending a somber event such as a funeral, stick to conservative folds and colors. If you feel naked without any extra details in your outfit, choose accessories like gray or black suspenders that provide tasteful style.

Pairing Ties With Pocket Squares

If you are new to learning how to wear a pocket square as a groomsman, you may also be required to pair your necktie with a pocket square as another new skill. As you just learned, exact matches are no longer trendy, but should the couple ask for that, it's encouraged to do it for their big day. But if you are free to do your own mix-and-matching, there are numerous tie and pocket square combinations to consider.

Save time and effort by using suit, shirt and tie colors as your guide to selecting your ideal pocket square. Go for a pocket square color and style that complements tie colors. For example, you can use a secondary color from the tie as a main pocket square color choice.

Also, pay attention to the material it's made from, and notice texture and detailing such as edging or embroidering. The right pocket square elevates the overall look and never clashes with the tie.

Best Folds for a Wedding

After choosing a pocket square for a wedding, it's time to decide what kind of fold you want. We recommend four pocket square folds that add easy elegance to your wedding attire.

  • Square/Presidential Fold. This classic fold is the gold standard for formal attire. It is easy to do, understated and sophisticated.
  • Scallop Fold. This fold has a flair and flourish that makes it a favorite look for wedding groomsmen. This fold looks best with colorful fabrics with a glossy shine.
  • Two Point Fold. This double-pointed fold has a bit more flair than a one-point fold and it's perfect for dressy occasions.
  • Three Point Fold. This pocket square fold is showy but maintains a crisp, neat appearance for a wedding.

See how to make these folds and other styles in this pocket square folding video.

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